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Annual Climate and Emissions Information

Abqaiq, is a Saudi Aramco gated community and oil-processing facilities located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, located in the desert 60 km southwest of the Dhahran-Dammam-Khobar metropolitan area, and north of the Rub' al-Khali, the second largest sand desert in the world also known as the "Empty Quarter". Source: Wikipedia

Annual Weather Data

Month Average Average High Average Low Record High Record Low Average Precipitation
January 14.5°C 21.1°C 8.5°C 29.3°C 0.8°C
February 17.1°C 23.6°C 10.6°C 33.0°C 4.0°C
March 22.6°C 29.7°C 14.5°C 40.0°C 9.0°C
April 27.9°C 34.8°C 19.2°C 45.3°C 13.0°C
May 32.5°C 40.5°C 24.5°C 47.0°C 18.0°C
June 35.2°C 43.5°C 27.1°C 48.6°C 23.0°C
July 37.0°C 45.2°C 28.7°C 49.9°C 24.0°C
August 36.7°C 44.9°C 28.5°C 49.0°C 24.0°C
September 33.4°C 41.5°C 25.1°C 46.4°C 20.7°C
October 29.3°C 37.7°C 21.0°C 46.0°C 16.5°C
November 22.8°C 28.7°C 15.8°C 39.3°C 7.0°C
December 17.7°C 23.2°C 11.3°C 32.0°C 1.8°C
Sources: NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Abqaiq CO2 Emissions

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions Per Capita in Tonnes Per Year
LocationCO2 EmissionsCO2 Emissions Per CapitaCO2 Emissions Intensity
Abqaiq 453,132 t 18 t 100.6 t/km²
Eastern Province 80,005,754 t 16.5 t 153.8 t/km²
Sources: [Link] Moran, D., Kanemoto K; Jiborn, M., Wood, R., Többen, J., and Seto, K.C. (2018) Carbon footprints of 13,000 cities. Environmental Research Letters DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/aac72a

Other Cities in Eastern Province

Name Area Population
Abqaiq 4,502.3 km² 25,144
Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia 410,713 km² 1.3 million
Al Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia 367.7 km² 284,632
Al Khobar 182.9 km² 253,776
Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia 9,476.3 km² 85,163
Al Nairyah, Saudi Arabia 25,431.3 km² 90,163
Dammam 933.6 km² 1.4 million
Dhahran 454.4 km² 236,717
Hafar Al-Batin governorate 41,081.4 km² 372,583
Jubail governorate 914.1 km² 150,733
Qatif governorate 519 km² 580,434
Ulya Village, Saudi Arabia 25,014 km² 27,555
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