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Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador

Annual Climate Emissions and Hazard Information

Cuenca Canton is a canton of Ecuador, located in the Azuay Province. Its capital is the town of Cuenca. During the census of 2001 the canton had 417,632 inhabitants and in 2010 it had 505,585 inhabitants.. Source: Wikipedia

Annual Weather Data

Month Average Average High Average Low Record High Record Low Average Precipitation
January 13.3°C 18.1°C 8.5°C 20.7°C 5.4°C 74.2 mm
February 12.8°C 17.6°C 7.9°C 19.6°C 1.0°C 111.0 mm
March 8.7°C 5.4°C 88.0 mm
April 23.5°C 11.0°C 22.1 mm
May 13.2°C 18.2°C 15.4°C 20.0°C 5.8°C 33.0 mm
June 7.4°C 5.2°C 5.0 mm
August 11.1°C 16.1°C 6.1°C 18.5°C 1.0°C
September 17.7°C 19.8°C 19.6°C 11.0°C
October 13.0°C 18.0°C 13.6°C 19.4°C 1.0°C
Sources: NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Natural Hazards Risk

Relative risk out of 10
Landslide High (9)
Drought Low (2)
Flood High (9)
Earthquake High (6.9)
* Risk, particularly concerning flood or landslide, may not be for the entire area.
1. Dilley, M., R.S. Chen, U. Deichmann, A.L. Lerner-Lam, M. Arnold, J. Agwe, P. Buys, O. Kjekstad, B. Lyon, and G. Yetman. 2005. Natural Disaster Hotspots: A Global Risk Analysis. Washington, D.C.: World Bank.

Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador CO2 Emissions

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions Per Capita in Tonnes Per Year
LocationCO2 EmissionsCO2 Emissions Per CapitaCO2 Emissions Intensity
Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador 1,975,796 t 3.53 t 673.9 t/km²
Azuay Province 2,767,256 t 3.53 t 351.6 t/km²
Sources: [Link] Moran, D., Kanemoto K; Jiborn, M., Wood, R., Többen, J., and Seto, K.C. (2018) Carbon footprints of 13,000 cities. Environmental Research Letters DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/aac72a

Top Cities in Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador

Other Provinces in Azuay Province

Name Area Population
Chordeleg Canton 90.9 km² 13,983
Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador 2,932 km² 559,709
El Pan Canton 133.1 km² 3,403
Girón Canton 356.9 km² 13,949
Guachapala, Azuay, Ecuador 45.8 km² 3,803
Gualaceo Canton 364.2 km² 47,564
Nabón Canton 625.2 km² 17,356
Oña Canton 293.3 km² 3,950
Paute Canton 268.2 km² 27,927
Pucará, Azuay, Ecuador 859.8 km² 29,650
San Fernando Canton 137.3 km² 4,435
Santa Isabel Canton 774 km² 21,271
Sevilla de Oro Canton 315.9 km² 6,488
Sígsig Canton 674.3 km² 29,845
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