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Kihniö, Western and Inner Finland, Finland

Annual Climate and Emissions Information

Annual Weather Data

Month Average Average High Average Low Record High Record Low Average Precipitation
January -7.9°C -4.7°C -11.2°C 8.5°C -38.5°C 42.0 mm
February -8.0°C -4.3°C -11.6°C 9.3°C -40.4°C 29.0 mm
March -3.7°C 0.6°C -8.0°C 15.4°C -33.7°C 32.9 mm
April 2.0°C 6.7°C -2.6°C 23.8°C -20.6°C 33.4 mm
May 8.4°C 14.4°C 2.4°C 29.0°C -9.2°C 38.3 mm
June 13.1°C 19.1°C 7.1°C 31.8°C -5.3°C 58.5 mm
July 15.5°C 21.1°C 9.8°C 32.9°C -1.1°C 78.7 mm
August 13.8°C 19.0°C 8.6°C 30.7°C -4.4°C 76.4 mm
September 8.8°C 13.1°C 4.6°C 26.6°C -9.6°C 67.2 mm
October 3.5°C 6.5°C 0.6°C 19.5°C -22.8°C 58.0 mm
November -1.5°C 0.9°C -3.8°C 13.0°C -27.5°C 55.5 mm
December -5.5°C -2.7°C -8.4°C 9.4°C -37.6°C 47.0 mm
Sources: NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Kihniö, Western and Inner Finland, Finland CO2 Emissions

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions Per Capita in Tonnes Per Year
LocationCO2 EmissionsCO2 Emissions Per CapitaCO2 Emissions Intensity
Kihniö, Western and Inner Finland, Finland 21,297 t 10.4 t 54.5 t/km²
Pirkanmaa 5,299,138 t 10.4 t 362.7 t/km²
Länsi- ja Sisä-Suomi 12,370,334 t 10.1 t 201 t/km²
Sources: [Link] Moran, D., Kanemoto K; Jiborn, M., Wood, R., Többen, J., and Seto, K.C. (2018) Carbon footprints of 13,000 cities. Environmental Research Letters DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/aac72a

Other Cities in Pirkanmaa

Name Area Population
Akaa 314.3 km² 17,250
Hämeenkyrö 504.9 km² 10,367
Ikaalinen 840.4 km² 7,266
Juupajoki 275.2 km² 1,954
Kangasala, Western and Inner Finland, Finland 872.1 km² 30,793
Kihniö, Western and Inner Finland, Finland 390.8 km² 2,049
Lempäälä 309 km² 23,448
Mänttä-Vilppula 657.1 km² 10,614
Nokia 347 km² 33,485
Orivesi 959.4 km² 9,495
Pälkäne 737.4 km² 6,731
Parkano, Western and Inner Finland, Finland 911.4 km² 6,861
Pirkkala 103.9 km² 18,510
Punkalaidun 364.1 km² 3,103
Ruovesi 950.9 km² 4,656
Sastamala 1,531.3 km² 25,723
Tampere 688.3 km² 223,955
Urjala, Western and Inner Finland, Finland 505.9 km² 4,998
Valkeakoski, Western and Inner Finland, Finland 371 km² 21,623
Vesilahti 353.9 km² 4,578
Virrat 1,298.1 km² 7,098
Ylöjärvi 1,324.7 km² 33,573
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